"Whether I have accomplished the approach of the poets and painters in these books, this is bound on the fact that these people confronted me primarily as a friend, as their co artist, that understood them. Without friendship I would have accomplished nothing. Don’t ask for further explanation. There are neither heroisms nor mysteries."


Stratis Eleftheriadis-Teriade

Stratis Eleftheriadis – Teriade was born on the island of Mytilene in May 1897 and died in Paris in October 1983. In addition to his passion for the arts, he was also an inspired publisher and art critic. He published art books that became widely known for their innovative style and unique quality. At the age of 40 he launched his quarterly journal VEVRE, a monument in the arts and letters, through which he entered into a dialectic relationship with the pinnacle of artists and writers of his time. The copies of the journal bear the “stamp” of great masters the likes of Matisse, Braque, Bonnard and Rouault. At the same time, he published 26 illustrated books known as the “Grands Livres”, a combination of text and illustrations. While the VEVRE journals are reproductions of already existing paintings and drawings, the “Grands Livres” are original works of art in a limited number of copies. After giving the Theofilos Museum to Mytilene (1964), a project he financed himself, the visionary Teriade grasped the idea of a Museum-Library to house his publishing work. Teriade was immortalized for the role he played as the inspired publisher who first approached artists and poets and first “married” texts and illustrations.