"The man that talks of his contemporary art, the art during its evolution, curves with pains his mark, a mark that’s either obscure or authentic, and finds it’s self among the miraculous power of divination and the fragile spirit of timeliness. "


Training Programs

Museum Teriade

The social role of museums has been redefined in recent years through their participation in educational programs designed to bring students in contact with museum collections in a way that supplements their standard education. Housing a rich collection of representative works by great 20th-century artists, the Stratis Eleftheriadis TERIADE Museum-Library, with suitable adjustments, could offer a learning relationship mutually beneficial to the Museum and the visiting students. The positive experience that the students will gain from the visit and their participation in one of the Museum’s educational programs will be the basis for that relationship to advance so that the students can become the Museum’s conscious visitors in the future.
The Museum places high priority in the design and development of suitable educational programs, but, unfortunately, the absence of required infrastructure or expert staff do not allow, at least for now, the creation of the necessary conditions to organize and carry out such programs.
Nevertheless, having in mind that the educational role of a museum is equally significant with that of its collection halls, the Museum’s management, in parallel with its efforts for the creation of a permanent infrastructure, is using all means available in order to meet, as much as possible, the educational needs of students by organizing scheduled visits and tours at the Museum.