"The man that talks of his contemporary art, the art during its evolution, curves with pains his mark, a mark that’s either obscure or authentic, and finds it’s self among the miraculous power of divination and the fragile spirit of timeliness. "


The Museum – Library
of Stratis Eleftheriadis - Teriade

Museum TeriadeThe museum-library of Stratis Eleftheriadis- Tériade has opened its doors to the public in August 1979. It is a two floor building and has ten galleries on each floor. It is one of a kind and reserves to the visitor wanderings and spiritual voyages as well as great visual satisfaction. It roofs, safeguards and presents the entire publishing work of its establisher, Stratis Eleftheriadis- Tériade, this unique, inspired man and artist. In the galleries of this museum, the visitor can admire engravings of worldly wised painters of the 20th century, as well as paintings by acknowledged Greek artists, such as Tsarouchis, Vakirtzis, Canellis, Charalambidis and many more. The artwork of Theophilos, the great popular artist whose outstanding skill was identified and valued as a genuine representative of popular part, also occupies a great part of this collection.

In the presentation of this artwork, one can see the effort and the inspiration of the creator participating in the dialogue between painting and poetry.