Orestis Kanellis (1910-1979)

Κανέλλης ΟρέστηςOrestis Kanellis may have been born in Smyrna, but he is regarded as one of the most important painters of Lesbos, where he was raised and he considered his home. Up to that time, he has participated in a large number of exhibitions, both in Greece and abroad. His paintings are on display in Greek museums and can also be traced to private collections. Apart from his excellent paintings, Kanellis is also known for his thoughtful writings which have been published in various Greek art magazines and are considered to have played a major role in the evolution of Greek art.

Impressive in numbers and with many thematic variations, his artistic output stands out due to the fact that he chooses to paint only what inspires him, always emphasizing the unique characteristics of his subject matter. All of his paintings, landscapes, olive groves, the sea, boats, portraits of children, swimmers and beloved person, reflect the integrity of the true artist, as he goes deeper than the surface, bringing out the inner qualities of what he paints. This is something that becomes obvious when one looks at works such as Olives-trees (1975), and his various olive grove paintings, one of his favorite subjects that he drew over and over again, each time with added variations. Using as his starting point the objective form of the landscape, Kanellis paints what he sees and feels, utilising intense, expressive colours, carefully outlined shapes and abundant light. As a result of this personal formulation he manages to create unique and poetic landscapes.