Manolis Kalliyiannis (1923 - )

Manolis KalliyiannisManolis Kalliyiannis was born in Mytilene and it was there that he received his first lessons in fine arts from the well-known Lesbian painter, Protopatsis (1897-1947). After a two-year course in Architecture in Johannesburg, he moved to Paris in 1947 where he devoted himself to painting. In the years that followed and up until 1976, when he returned to his homeland, he displayed his work at individual exhibitions in New York, Paris, London and other European countries. His long term collaboration with famous art dealers, combined with the fact that his work are on permanent exhibitions at major museums in Greece and around the world, confirming his status as an artist. Besides painting, from 1979 and for the next 20 years, he was the director of the Museum-Library of Stratis Eleftheriadis-Tériade.

At the beginning of his career he is influenced by the spirit of abstraction and minimal art that was prevalent during that era, creating a series of abstract and expressionistic works that vary thematically. As time progresses he will experiment with different techniques, in the end choosing landscapes, especially those of his island, as his genre. His landscapes derive from a purely personal expression of love and admiration towards nature and his own homeland. Through the use of colour and light he attempts to impose nature’s inner world and at the same time, to pass on his own feelings and messages. Through his persistence to ‘translate’ the landscape and reproduce it in paintings, he arrives at a completely personal style and proposal where the material dominates.