Great Books

Together with VERVE Tériade also published 26 illustrated books named “Grands-Livres” or “Great Books” in which the unparalleled combination/blend of text and image offers us works such as Paris Sans Fin (Paris Without End) by Alberto Giacometti, The Poem of the Right Angle by Le Corbusier, The Circus by Fernand Léger, Jazz by Henri Matisse, Longus’ Daphnis and Chloe by Marc Chagall, Reverdy’s Le Chant des Morts (The Song of the Dead) by Pablo Picasso, etc.

“Great Books” contain original works of art created using the technique of lithography, woodcut or copper engraving,

in a limited number of copies which are numbered and signed by the artists themselves.

During a specific historical period (lasting from the end of cubism till the last great painters of the 20th century) Tériade gathered a whole world consisting of a rare intellectual and artistic wealth. He became established in the international community as the inspirer of an unprecedented phenomenon signifying the approach and cooperation with both poets and visual artists and for the unique conjoining of words and images.

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