Verve 16

«Historical Manuscripts of Middle Ages»
The spear war’s Bible by King René
1946, Paris
The sixteenth volume of the Verve contains :
  • 8 colored plates, with gold, from which six in double space.
  • Prototype text by King René.
  • Introduction by Edmont Pognon.

One of the most famous medieval tourneys took place at Bruges on 11 March 1392 between the Duc de Bourbon and the Duc de Bretagne. Half a century later, King Rene d’Anjou created Le Livre des tournois, new rules on how to hold a tournament, based on that famous duel. It is thought that the manuscript illuminations were the work of the King himself or that he at least had something to do with them. The originals are now at the National Librar, in Paris.