Verve 14 - 15

«Historical Manuscripts of Middle Ages»
Calendar of Anne of Bretagne
1946, Paris
This double issue contains :
  • Reproduction, colored with gold, of the 33 images extracted by a manuscript by Jean Bourdidron.
  • Text by Émile Mâle.

Jean Bourdichon (1457-1521), the French artist of these 30 miniature illuminations, was Jean Fouquet’s most reputable student. For the most part of his career he worked in Torus and served as official court painter to four successive French kings, including Charles VIII and Louis XII, successive husbands of Anne de Bretagne. Around 1500, the royal wife commissioned a Book of Hours to Bourdichon, which the artist completed in 1508 to be later regarded as his masterpiece. Although the Italian influence is apparent in some of the religious scenes, his art promotes the great French tradition. The originals of these works are now at the National Library, in Paris.