Verve 11

«Historical Manuscripts of Middle Ages»
The Fouquet Of Chantilly. Jesus’ Life.
1943, Paris
The eleventh volume of Verve contains :
  • Reproductions in natural size, colored with gold, of the 14 images from the calendar of Étienne Chevalier.
  • Text by Henri Malo.

Jean Fouquet (1420 – 1481), the master of manuscript illuminations, is a preeminent French painter of the 15th century. He worked exclusively for the French Court from 1447 until his death. His first patron was Etienne Chevalier, the royal secretary and lord treasurer, for whom he produced a Book of Hours (1460). He worked eight full years from 1452 to 1460 to complete these twenty eight masterpieces. The figures on the illustrations have a sculpture-like quality and are designed on broad flat surfaces defined by exceptionally clean lines. In any case, Fouquet is overall regarded as a master of drawings, since it is his drawings that lend his works their balance and clarity. The originals of these monumental works are now in the Musee Conde, Chantilly, France.