Verve 8

Artist’s Name
Henri Matisse
1940, Paris
Τhe eighth volume of Verve with title «French Nature» contains :
  • Colored paintings’ plates by Chardin, Rouault, Matisse, Braque, Derain, Miró
  • Colored miniatures, by gold, from the Charles d’ Angulem’s calendar, suited by a calendar, drawn by Derain. Gauloise (15th century)
  • Lithography by Bonnard.
  • Texts by Valéry, Claudel, Rouault, Giraudoux, Reverdy, Adrienne Monnier, Malraux.

Each of these twelve 15th-century miniatures illustrates one of the twelve months in the year. The originals of these anonymous illustrations are kept at the National Library, in Paris.