Verve 3

Artist’s Name
Pierre Bonnard
1938, Paris
The third volume of verve contains :
  • Colored paintings’ plates by Delacroix, Henri Rousseau, Bonnard, Matisse
  • Colored lithographs by Chagall, Klee, Miró, Indian Pantheon extracted from a manuscript, kept in the National Library
  • Colored miniatures with gold : Scenes by Hariri from Bidpaï, paintings by Hindus and Turks.
  • Texts by Tagore, Valéry, Mardrus, Reverdy, Michaux, Massignon, Claudel.
  • Also, the last part of the text ‘’psychology of art’’ by Malraux.

The illustrations are inspired by tales believed to have been written by Bidpay, a learned Indian Brahman, of equal fame to the fables written by La Fontaine. The texts were translated in Arabic by Ibn Al-Mokafa in the 8th century and became known as Kalila wa Dimna. The originals are kept at the National Library, in Paris.

The 13th-century Arab Islamic artist Yahya al-Wasiti created these religious Persian miniatures inspired by the 12th-century Arabic texts of al-Hariri. The opulent illuminations of the artist fully express all the symbolisms and metaphors of the text which features fifteen adventures of the protagonist Abu Zayd who combines the traits of Homer’s crafty Ulysses, of Nastradin Hodja and the visionary Don Quixote. Through the texts the author expresses his personal views on life and the world. This epic, dramatic and all the same romantic work reveals the author’s imagination which is as great as the artistic talent of the illustrator. This Islamic work of art was completed in Bagdad in 1237; the original is kept at the National Library, in Paris.