Celebration in Cimmeria - Une fete en Cimmerie

Artist’s Name
Author’s Name
Henri Matisse (1869-1954)
Georges Duthuit
1963, Paris
Printed in one volume, size 25,5 x 20,2 εκ.
Prototype lithographs by Henri Matisse
31 prototypes lithographs, out of text, 1 of them in the cover.
One volume edition in vélin de Rives paper:
  • 120 copies, numbered 1-120
  • 10 copies, off the market, numbered I-X

Matisse created this series of lithographs inspired by Eskimo masks which George Duthuit had brought with him from his travels. Although printed in 1949, the book was actually published fourteen years later.

The Une fette en Cimmerie differs drastically from all his other books; it is of smaller size.

It contains a series of 31 black-and-white lithographs all of them representing the human face in many and rich versions. This “journey” on a unique theme is not exactly spectacular, but it has a high intensity emphasized by repetition.