Ten Stories of Gaspard of the Night
Dix Contes de Gaspard de la Nuit

Artist’s Name
Author’s Name
Marcel Gromaire (1892-1971)
Aloysious Bertrand (1807-1841)
1962, Paris
Printed in one volume, size 34 x 26 cm
The text is hand written with ‘romain du roi’ fonts.
10 original oxygraphs
Printed on ‘vélin d’ Arches’ paper:
  • 120 copies, numbered 1-120
  • 20 copies, off the market, numbered I-XX
The wonderful edition of Mackbeth by Tériade was what triggered Marcel Gromaire to encourage Tériade to publish a book that he had prepared almost thirty years earlier. In 1930, Gromaire had engraved 10 black and white oxygraphs. Each one corresponded to a small part of the ten legends he chose from the book Gaspard of the Night (1833) written by the well-known, romantic author Aloysious Bertrand.

The, somehow, cold and reserved images of the artist are harmonized perfectly with the Flemish atmosphere of these poetic legends. Gromaire illustrates the texts by paying particular attention to detail. He directs all the characters involved, as the author himself would have imagined them. All his figures, influenced by Cubism, are depicted in a way that is simplified and geometric. The artist, following the dreamy atmosphere of the legends, illustrates his subject matters in such a way that his figures look as if they have come out of a dream. His images have sincerity and the viewer may feel his world is something real, yet everything leads to a world of fantasy, like the one created by the surrealists.