The Circus - Cirque

Artist’s Name
Author’s Name
Marc Chagall (1889-1985)
Marc Chagall (1889-1985)
1967, Paris
Printed in one volume, size 45 x 34 εκ.
The font of the text is ‘romain du roi’, which was inscribed by Grandjean in the 17th century
38 original off-the-text lithographs, από τις οποίες 23 είναι έγχρωμες
Printed on ‘vélin d’ Arches’ paper:
  • 250 copies, numbered 1-250
  • 20 copies, off the market, numbered I-XX
The Circus, a theme that has inspired some of the most significant Books of the Great Painters of the 20th century, helps bring to completion Tériade’s collaboration with Marc Chagall. Through his own text and lithographs, Chagall creates his own personal version of the Circus. The magic world of the circus is for him life itself, a life full of nostalgic reminiscences of his childhood. Chagall draws from the depths of his soul those tender moments to share them with the rest of the world through one more of his artistic endeavours. His childhood years in Russia and his Jewish heritage, in combination with the Russian-Jewish customs and traditions, influence and accompany him throughout his whole life. His experiences and memories are a significant point of reference, which influence his art. With humour and imagination he makes his works of art come to life, as in the case of the Circus.

Looking at his pictures, the public is transported into a fairy-tale world, which is characterised by an irresistible imagination that aims at unifying all the elements that are a part of nature, in other words, the universe itself. Chagall creates a purely personal style with the use of his characteristic figures, his wonderful and vivid colours and the atmospheric portrayal of space. In a splendid, poetic way, he impels the viewer to use his own imagination, ensuring that he will participate in this unusual world. Lovers and circus people, children and toys, animals and flowers, thoughts and emotions, are all imprinted through shapes, bold lines, colours and words, composing a special and harmonic book. As a result, Chagall’s art is transformed into an authentic miracle of purely popular art.