The Museum – Library

Stratis Eleftheriadis – Tériade

The Museum – Library Stratis Eleftheriadis – Tériade opened to the public in August 1979. It hosts, preserves and displays all the works of Stratis Eleftheriadis – Tériade, an inspired and unique personality and artist. Tériade was a man who comprehended the meaning of modern art and stood by young artists supporting them.


The publications of Tériade include 26 issues of VERVE, from December 1937 to July 1960, all having the hallmark of great artists of his time.

Great Books

Together with VERVE Tériade also published 26 illustrated books named “Grands-Livres” or “Great Books” in which the unparalleled combination blend of text and image offers us incredible works

Tériade and Greek Artists

Tériade also created a significant collection consisting of works by known artists.